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Not only is a well-maintained chimney aesthetically pleasing, but it is also essential for indoor air quality and safety. Presenting Xpert Chimney Sweep, is your go-to source for knowledge on air quality and chimney maintenance. 

At Xpert Chimney Services, we take great satisfaction in offering premium materials and hiring knowledgeable artisans to create fireplaces that last a lifetim


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Chimney Sweeping & Cleaning

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Chimney Installation

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Chimney Construction

About Us

Why We Are The Best?

Do you require chimney cleaning and repair services for your house?

We at XPERT CHIMNEY SWEEP are here to assist you with everything related to a chimney sweeping and care. Our team is highly skilled and competent.

We also provide masonry services, waterproofing, inspections, and chimney construction.

Our crew that handles chimney maintenance has a wealth of knowledge and expertise. It is among the top chimney cleaning businesses in the area and has been in business for more than 15 years.

No matter where the project is, you can count on us to complete it with the utmost professionalism, so call us right away to set up an appointment if your chimney needs any work.

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Financing Available

You can feel secure in XpertChimney since our main goal is to ensure that the heating and ventilation systems in your house are operating effectively.

We have financing options that are competitive!

We love to help

Have general inquiries or need a chimney cleaning, repair, or estimate?

For the installation of gas fireplaces, wood-burning fireplace repairs, and chimney repair, we provide free quotations!

We’re eager to hear from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Chimney Sweep Service

Most frequent questions and answers

It is recommended to sweep your chimney at least once a year, ideally before the heating season begins.

Most chimney cleaning services take about an hour, but this can vary depending on the condition and size of your chimney.

Costs can vary based on your chimney’s condition and size. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Ignoring chimney cleaning can lead to dangerous chimney fires, carbon monoxide build-up, and inefficient heating of your home.

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